Company Profile

Group Strengths & Strategies

Our corporate objective is to achieve sustainable growth in our business and financial performance so as to create long-term Shareholders’ value. We intend to achieve this by implementing the following corporate strategies:

  • Expand and strengthen our market position in the public sector in Singapore
  • Expand our business portfolio through the formation of new companies and/or acquisitions
  • Expand our range of product offering to target and secure more non-road infrastructure related projects

Our Competitive Strengths
Our Directors believe that our Group’s competitive strengths set out below have driven growth in our business and financial performance.

We have a reputation as an established signage provider, particularly for road signage works in Singapore
We are an established signage provider for road signage works in Singapore. Our track record in road signage includes being awarded signage contract of value approximately S$4.0 million, for the upgrading of directional and traffic signs directional and traffic signs in the west sector of Singapore. We are reputable partly due to our ability to provide a comprehensive set of products to our customers, including lane marking works and road safety products where we work with suppliers and subcontractors to offer value-added related products and works. We are also experienced in managing road signage projects as these involve a series of work steps, ranging from removal of existing signage, re-directing ongoing traffic, managing of road closure hours, managing of subcontractors in laying of roads and lane marking, managing of equipment that can be deployed on the road site to installation of the road signage.

We have a solid track record of providing reliable and timely products for our customers
For public sector projects, our Directors believe that a key factor that our customers consider is the ability to provide reliable and timely installation of signage. Typically for road signage works, there will be certain closure times during which the signage installation has to be completed. We have consistently been completing the road installation on a timely manner for our customers. Reliability is also a consideration for our customers as the road signage has to meet both the aesthetics and technical requirements set by the LTA of Singapore.

Our rapport with our suppliers enable us to obtain competitive pricing and fast delivery turnaround time
Our Group has good relationships with our network of suppliers and subcontractors, some of whom had known or worked with us for over 5 years. Our good relationships with our suppliers are partly due to our prompt repayment of accounts payables which has enabled our Group to make purchases at a competitive pricing. We also enjoy economies of scale for certain purchases, in particular for metal products. We enjoy a close working relationship with our suppliers whose supplies to us for our signage fabrication is able to meet the technical specifications required of road signage and to do so, in a responsive and timely manner. Our suppliers, together with our subcontractors, allow us to offer a comprehensive set of products to our customers.

We have an experienced and dedicated management team and each of our Executive Directors has over 15 years of experience in the signage installation industry in Singapore
Each of our Executive Directors has over 15 years of experience in the signage installation industry, and our general manager has worked with us for 6 years and prior to that, 7 years of project management experience. Our Directors believe that our team has a strong knowledge of the industry and our execution team is competent to complete projects reliably and timely, and dynamic to take on new business opportunities.